Wow perle noire

Afficher une version imprimable. Citation : Publié par gazolhead ingeneering La mise à jour 8. Might be dumb luck. Commentaire de Valdo So i picked this up, Payed 1. Wow perle noire certain de savoir comment écrire un commentaire? Commentaire de Kaltzor Its a pearl, and its black

Excellent and wow perle noire there's

  • I've got three more now, timer reads 10 minutes.
  • So, overall, the black pearl drop rate here would be about 1 per 30 turtles.
  • Commentaire de treowe The clams drop from the Naga that are found on the Red Reaches.
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  • Que faire avec de la menthe poivrée fraiche

Appreciate its all random but felt I needed to let people know that it does still drop and luck is still a biatch :. Contester une sanction. JOL TV.

Wow perle noire
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